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Search with a metasearch engine / metasearcher or meta search?

oneseek® has changed again due to new data protection regulations (DSGVO). That's right, as I've written many times, I've been managing the

metasearch engine

or the

Meta seeker

oneseek® since 2004.

During this time, I have always had to struggle with the antics of the major search engines. Sometimes a service was discontinued, sometimes a connection was changed, sometimes data protection regulations fundamentally changed etc. and so on.

Since I work full-time as a street master / subject teacher at a vocational school and I certainly do not always have time to constantly tinkering with this site, I have decided that the metasearch engine the Metasucher on the core function, ”namely searching from websites ” cut back.

The Internet user / user of today, after typing his search term or search query into the search slot of a metasearch engine, expects an exact result as quickly as possible and, of course, for free.

oneseek® as a metasearch engine / meta-seeker in its old form could only seldom meet these high demands, especially when searching the internet, which I, as a webmaster, ultimately also feel sorry for.

So I've reduced the full look and feel of oneseek®.de to a bare minimum, but I'm sure you'll definitely find what you're looking for.

What exactly is a metasearch engine and what should a meta-searcher do for me on the internet?

The search results could now be processed by the metasearch engine / Metasucher and ultimately made available to the searcher (user) on the search results page.

While you usually have to call every single large search engine and type your search query into the search slot, a metasearch engine / metasearcher will do it for you in one go.

You save time by using a metasearch engine or a metasearcher (retrieving information from major search engines)! Unfortunately, I do not know whether you save money with our metasearch engine ;-)
The terms metasearch, meta-seeker and metasearch engine have become commonplace in linguistic usage, but are basically one and the same thing.

I would like to try another metasearch engine / metasearcher, where can I find it?

For a nice list of working meta-seekers that you can use to search the web, visit the domain | Metasuchmaschine.org | and under dmoztools.net in the category | Metasucher | , where among others oneseek® is also represented ;-)
Metasearch Engine / Metasearcher oneseek®? What should oneseek® actually be?
oneseek® is today a metasearch engine / Metasearcher, with which the searcher / interested person accesses the data of Google, Wikipedia and the oneseek® - directory and gets them after the search process as results page.

The / Metasuchmaschine / Metasucher oneseek® with its directory is still a successful search for information on the Internet. It should be noted at this point that the results pages are on the servers at Google (except oneseek® directory).

Thus, with our / our metasearch engine / Meta searcher we have no influence on the results provided by Google.

Search engines and a little look back.
If you look back, especially with regard to the topic of search engines, a few years back, there were quite a lot of lucky knights who wanted to do the same to today's industry leader Google. Many have disappeared over the years, are represented as net corpses on the Internet or were taken over by other companies, which in the end did not do any better than the founders themselves. Most companies probably had a hard time breaking down the DotCom bubble in the year 2000/2001.

To name a few, of course, is Yahoo, a search engine that was initially launched as a web catalog in 1994 and today has a market share of only 9.26 percent worldwide (0.8 percent in Germany). Furthermore, Altavista should not go unmentioned. Altavista was a search service, which was launched in 1995 and was finally discontinued in 2013. Meanwhile, all searches are redirected from Altavista via Yahoo.

If you go specifically to the German market, surely Fireball should not go unmentioned here. Fireball is a still active German search engine, which started 1996 under the name Flipper, later Kitty and 1997 under the name Fireball. Fireball was taken over by Lycos Europa in 1999/2000 and recorded just 0.3 percent market share in Germany in 2005. After several changes of ownership, the Munich-based company now resides as an anonymous search engine and makes it possible to search the web, images, videos, news, city maps and products.
Could not I search with Google right now?
Of course you could search with it, but since you are already there, I am even more pleased if you search for information with a metasearch and for our little

Metasearch Engine

/ Use Meta Searcher to search the Internet.

I'm more than sure that by using a meta-search with our small meta-seeker / metasearch engine you will finally find what you are looking for on the net and are currently finding it with a large search engine.

Thank you for being here, doing a current meta-search, and looking for information on our metasearch engine / meta searcher oneseek®

Jan Hartmann / Webmaster & Administrator
Jan Hartmann
Adlerstr. 24
Jettingen-Scheppach Bayern 89343 Deutschland
Metasearch engine
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